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2022 02Feb 05

A hand reaching for an apple


When the world was new, two sister goddesses were tasked to create all life.

The older goddess said, "I will stay in this valley and fill it with grasses, trees, and plants. Their seeds will spread from here all around the world."

The younger goddess said, "Then I will leave the valley and travel the earth, creating all the animals and birds and all mankind. But I will not forget you, sister. We will meet again."

So the older goddess stayed in the valley and planted trees with deep roots and high branches, and spread fields of grass, and she was the mother of all the plants in the world, and the valley was filled with fruit trees.

The younger goddess walked around the world, and created every kind of animal that could walk or fly, and she was the mother of all wild animals, all birds, and all mankind.

Many lifetimes passed, and the work of creation was done.

One morning, a girl walked through the valley. Without thinking, she picked a fruit from a fruit tree and continued to walk.

The tree said, "My little sister, you have forgotten me!"

Editor's note

This one is also paraphrased. I cannot remember which mythology it came from. I feel like it was a creation myth, so I embellished it appropriately, but it's possible that it was a national founding myth or something. Maybe the creation of plants and animals was not part of the original story.

It is definitely about one sibling travelling and one staying in their place of origin, and the traveller forgets their home, but I'm not even sure if I got the genders right. It might have originally been brother and sister deities, which is common in myths.

It doesn't really make sense why the younger one needs to leave the valley... But I'm pretty sure I didn't get the characters backwards. At the end of the story, a human definitely runs into the tree which is the embodiment of the plant-creating goddess, and the human never figures it out, and that's the tragedy.

The punchline at the end is crystal-clear in my head, but searching for it on DuckDuckGo and Google turns up nothing.

As far as I know, I did not make it up. Maybe someone else did? Maybe it's a fictional myth from a video game or a TV series? Maybe it's half original and half false memory, and I like my version better. I wish I knew.

If you know where this myth came from, please tell me.

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