2022 04Apr 03

Any% Sandwich

Typical inputs:

Typical outputs:

A half-loaf of bread, rolled up in its own wrapper

Get bread. Half-loaves are good if you don't eat much bread.

Italian tastes a little better than plain white bread. You deserve it!

A package of Violife brand provolone cheeze slices

Get cheese. See my vegan cheese tier list for recommendations.

A plastic sandwich baggie

Get a small plastic sandwich baggie.

The same loaf of bread, but with the plastic unwrapped

Arm the bread.

The same cheese package, but opened

Remove the cheese's bindings. (Seele will not be happy about this.)

A slice of cheese has been inserted into the bread's wrapper

Gradually lower the cheese into the reactor chamber.

The slice of cheese is laying on the topmost slice of bread

Allow the cheese to fully engage with the bread.

A package of cheese, wraped up in a plastic baggie

Put the cheese package in the sandwich baggie and tuck the flaps around it, so it won't dry it.

A package of cheese sitting in a refrigerator next to some chocolate soy milk

Put the cheese in the refrigerator, next to the milk.

A left hand holding a sandwich

Form the sandwich with your left hand.

A half-loaf of bread, rolled up in its own wrapper

Using your right hand, make the bread safe.

It is now safe to eat your sandwich.