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2022 02Feb 12, ReactorScram


awesome-tunneling on GitHub

I will consider Nebula and rathole as possible complete replacements for PTTH and PTTH_QUIC.


awesome-tunneling is a GitHub repo I found from this Hacker News comment recently.

If you've read my blog, you might remember the Spacedock and POSSE entries.

You might also remember that PTTH is my pet project for solving the tunneling problem. I have a draft blog entry called Caching where I intended to explain the blog's exact setup. It's a week overdue now!

But it turns out a lot of people care about tunneling! Even though when I wrote PTTH in 2020, filled with hubris, I assumed it was a mostly-unexplored field. It turns out the problems I have are very common problems.

As I said in "POSSE", the Spacedock idea is basically POSSE + Tunneling.

With all this in mind, let's crack open a soft drink, have a caffeine relapse, and cry about how my contributions to free software will never matter and the admiration of other people is no substitute for actually loving myself and having internal happiness.

And by cry, I mean, I'm going to rag on other projects to feel better about myself.

Ragging on other projects to feel better about myself

These are written in languages I don't want to build or deploy:

These use TCP on the bottom, which means they have head-of-line blocking:

These have philosophical problems:

These have weird problems:

These are my finalists: